Spotted: The Only Spot Treatment You’ll Ever Need

Spotted: The Only Spot Treatment You’ll Ever Need

Everyone knows that feeling: you wake up, shuffling groggily into the bathroom to get your day started only to catch one glimpse of your face in the mirror—and there it is, an angry pimple that wasn’t there last night. You don’t have to tell us that your entire day flashes before your eyes with that inflamed uninvited guest on your face pulsing away. And even worse? All the acne spot treatments you have or have tried before either didn’t work (cue frustration and wasted money) or left behind a dry, rough patch that isn’t much better than having the pimple in the first place. While there are so many spot treatments out there, many of them contain harsh, pore-clogging ingredients that can aggravate the pimple and the surrounding skin, causing a longer treatment and healing time.

No one has time for a pimple, much less a pimple that just doesn’t seem to go away despite your best efforts to get rid of it. So, before you throw in the towel and completely succumb to the all-powerful pimple, remember that this is just a literal millimeter of skin to be battled, and that it can be battled gently throughout the day. Look no further than Face Reality’s Skincare’s Sulfur Spot Treatment. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it:

6% Sulfur

Yes, we are aware that sulfur is no secret in the acne and skincare world—if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? The thing is, we did fix it. We tapped into the well-known anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of 6% Sulfur, but we included the peptide, Neutrazen™.


Okay, you’re probably thinking “oh peptides, just another buzz word”, but we’re here to tell you that this isn’t just any ol’ peptide. Neutrazen™ is an innovative peptide that can help reduce the appearance of irritation and redness. By combining these two ingredients and steering clear of any pore-clogging ingredients, we managed to create an effective yet gentle spot treatment.

Transparent Application

You read that correctly: transparent application, meaning you can go into that really important work meeting or out with friends with Sulfur Spot Treatment on a blemish and no one will be the wiser. Gone are the days when you begrudgingly get through the day worrying that the zit you’ve obsessively covered in concealer (no shame if you don’t) is progressively getting worse. The majority of spot treatments out there are meant for nighttime use—we’ve all said goodnight with chalky white polka dots on our face. Us bepimpled individuals usually must wait until we are in the privacy of our own homes to spot treat. Face Reality Skincare’s Sulfur Spot Treatment is a decidedly modern approach to treating unforeseen breakouts because of its transparent application.

Frequency of Use

Plain and simple: you can apply it 1-3 times as needed without any fear of dryness or irritation.

As much as we want to attack pimples with a full arsenal, this is the best pimple treatment to eradicate a zit without leaving any damage behind—even better, we can guarantee this acne spot treatment won’t end up in your waste basket!

P.S. Spots won't get better without sun protection! Make sure you're applying sunscreen daily to ensure optimal skin health.



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