Nominate Your Esthetician to Become the Acne Expert of the Year 2021

YNominate your Acne Expert to become Acne Expert of the Year 2021! Complete your nomination information using the submission form below


  • Participants will be scored based upon the information provided, however, scoring shall be based on the following criteria:
    • Esthetician's knowledge of products used.
    • Documentation quality of treatment results.
    • Adequacy of photos and/or videos. (Videos are not required, but may be submitted at the election of the participant in addition to or in lieu of photographic submissions.  See "Photo Submission Requirements," below, for further details regarding photographic submissions.)
    • Quality of client progression during treatment term occurring in 2021.
    • Esthetician's understanding of the client's Fitz/skin/acne type and severity.
    • Esthetician's ability to explain treatment protocols.
    • Relatable client and Acne Expert story.
    • Esthetician's preparedness to step into the role as ambassador for Sponsor in publications and various media promotions.
    • Adherence to these Official Rules.

Before Filling out your form, please have a signed publicity waiver ready to upload. You can download the publicity waiver HERE

For those residing in Tennessee, please download a waiver for yourself HERE

There will be space on the form below to upload your signed waiver. 

Please note that unfortunately Rhode Island residents are ineligible to participate in Acne Expert of the Year.