Face reality Face Reality Skincare has a clear skin system that will have your acne under control in about three to four months, depending on your type of acne. We combine the power of clinical-grade products that are customized for your type of acne, with a series of bi-monthly treatments.

Clear skin in 3-4 months

Clear skin in 3-4 months


Our Process Changes Lives

Thousand of clients have been successful getting their acne under control with our clear skin system. Read their comments.

I started using Face Reality in August 2017 and it changed my life. I understand a lot of people probably say this but truthfully it did... I found Face Reality. My skin has never been more thankful!

Karli testimonial
Karli February 2019

Face Reality has given me not only acne free skin but absolutely amazing, glowing and beautiful skin. These products healed my skin!!! I am so grateful to be able to wake up to clear skin everyday!

February 2019

I have tried everything under the sun before finding Face Reality through Laura at Arch and Brow Den. Thank you so much for creating such a great program that has not only helped me but countless others.

Jeannie testimonial
Jun 2018

My acne was so bad it hurt to the touch. I tried everything from over the counter products to going to a dermatologist and nothing was working. Face Reality saved my face and gave me back my confidence.

Charity testimonial
Charity February 2019

Case Studies

Acne Types

Inflamed Acne


  • redness/ blotchiness
  • hot to the touch
  • pimples/ pustules/ whiteheads/ blackheads
  • possibility of cysts
  • excessive oil
  • sensitive skin and reactive to products
Before After

Acne & Hyperpigmentation


  • dull sluggish appearance
  • Hyperpigmentation (dark spots) where acne has occurred
  • Inflamed, noninflamed acne or both
  • excessive oil
  • tissue congestion
  • skin generally not sensitive or reactive
Before After



  • facial flushing
  • facial redness
  • facial papules
  • facial pustules
  • face gets red after drinking alcohol or hot drinks
  • face gets red and/or bumpy after eating spicy foods.
  • face gets red and/or bumpy with hot / cold temps or exercise.
Before After