Hear from the people
we helped.


Hear from the people we helped.

My acne was so bad it hurt to the touch. I tried everything from over the counter products to going to a dermatologist and nothing was working. Face Reality saved my face and gave me back my confidence.

My favorite product is Ultimate Protection SPF 28. I have always hated sunscreen of every kind and Face Reality’s Ultimate Protection is light and doesn’t leave the skin greasy. Love this product.

I love hydrabalance hydrating gel. When I first started going to face reality my face still had some dry spots and the hydrabalance cleared that right up.

Charity testimonial
Charity Feb 2019

As a 32 year old woman, I’ve suffered with cystic, hormonal acne for over 20 years. It always took a toll on my self esteem, mood and was always a source of insecurity. I had tried ProActiv and antibiotics but nothing seemed to work. Face Reality has given me not only acne free skin but absolutely amazing, glowing and beautiful skin. These products healed my skin!!! I am so grateful to be able to wake up to clear skin everyday!

Mandelic Face and Body Scrub Review: One of my favorite products is the mandelic face and body scrub. It exfoliates well and afterI use it my face feels so clean and soft. I also love its natural ingredients and use it daily! It’s a must have in the skin care routine.

Feb 2019

I started using Face Reality in August 2017 and it changed my life. I understand a lot of people probably say this but truthfully it did. I have done a lot of research on acne my whole life. I became so vulnerable and risked my well being by turning to Accutane. After risking my well being, I found Face Reality. My skin has never been more thankful!

Karli testimonial
Karli Feb 2019

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