5% Advanced Acne Med

Introducing 5% Advanced Acne Med. This elevated formula includes Micro-Smooth Technology™, our special ingredient blend that combines micronized benzoyl peroxide with bisabolol and sodium hyaluronate. This unique formula offers a more effective product with less dryness and irritation, improving client compliance.
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Key Ingredients

    Micronized BPO: Micronized for a smaller and more consistent BPO particle size that penetrates the pore more efficiently while also preventing potential hot spots. Kills C. acnes bacteria, antimicrobial, and aids in peeling the inside of the pore.

    Bisabolol: Soothing, helps to reduce irritation and sensitivity

    Sodium hyaluronate: Attracts and binds moisture to boost the skin's resilience. This also aids in reducing dryness


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